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Gabor Mezei Studio Newsletter               Issue #1       Wednesday August 17, 2005 07:43 AM


June News from the Gabor Mezei Studio


Current Studio Exhibition


The current exhibition features Gabor's work from various years in the past, with many stylistic and thematic approaches represented:  Still lifes with flowers; 'CityScenes' including Toronto, New Orleans, Rome etc.;  Abstracts including assemblages using found and nature based objects; Portraits and Figurative works.


Other artists work from Gabor's own collection are also on display. Names such as Endre Szasz,

Marosan,  Chinkok Tan, Agnes Ivan, Kurt Kranz Simon Muscat,

Kayo O'Young and others.


Gabor Mezei Studio now operates from the two backrooms of the gallery by appointment or by chance.


 CN Tower from Yonge and Machperson. Painting by Gabor Mezei.

CN Tower from Yonge and Macpherson.



Summer Online Auction

June 2nd - June 25 2005


Gabor Mezei's Work at

Heffel Online Auction



Paintings Currently at Auction:


Gabor Mezei


Don Fraser


Patricia Stephens


Collectors can get in on the bidding for these 3 artists  and watch the bidding fun at the Heffel Bidding Hot List!


Paddles  Up -Bid Now!

PAINTING TIP:  When you paint any subject, think like this: I am painting music, jazz, hip-hop, classical, country western.  Do these variations and you may find your own style amongst them, but with a new twist.

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Gabor's Blog ...


...I will be meeting with Janet Burgess who is going to Hungary to spend some creative time in an artist colony near Lake Balaton. I will attempt to give her an idea of Hungarian Life and Customs...Received the latest issue of Canadian Art Magazine, it has a couple of great articles to read: Rebecca Belmore and Mark KingwellJohn Bentley Mays waffles on about Agnes Martin, but we can always learn something more about the Minimalists...I am reading: The Diaries of Paul Klee 1898-1918 and Bill Bryson's *Short History of Nearly Everything*, both books are the type one can read a few pages then take a rest...New on Markham Street: My new tenant Andy Taylor in the Front Room of the Gallery is moving in slowly with his CD and Records Store...A lovely Japanese Woodblock Print by Kunisada was the last sale as a wedding present to a young couple where the husband is Japanese and the wife is English...Recently I have enjoyed talking to my friend in Hungary using the Skype Technology, it's telephone through the computer, sometimes though the voices are interrupted and resume seconds later, when it gets too bad, we switch to a chat mode of typing...one can eat one's lunch while the other one works out his answer...We are planning to go to the AGO, I have to renew our membership. The ROM construction is proceeding nicely, it looks like it is designed to withstand a nuclear attack, so much steel...will there be space for the artifacts?

From Csopi's Garden...


Csopi Mezei loves her garden and Gabor loves to take pictures of the rare blooms that also present an opportunity for painting.  Watch this spot for year round reports on the garden conditions, you will be surprised about the variety such a small piece of land produces.



From Gabor's Easel...


To find a dead butterfly or a fallen flower gives Gabor an idea how their beauty can continue although transformed in a piece of artwork. Collage and assemblage are a great way to achieve a lasting tribute to the beauty that nature provides.

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